Becoming a successful salesperson doesn’t happen by accident; of course, there are some people who are more naturally gifted at selling, but chances are they are using the following techniques without realising it. In fact, anyone can learn these techniques and sell anything.  

Active Listening 

Think about your reaction to salespeople when they call or come up to you on the street, there’s an immediate resistance to their approach because you know they want something from you, they want your time and then your money. So this is the first and largest hurdle to overcome. 

It’s best to start with a question, ideally one that contains a relevant issue to your target audience, one that will get them thinking. Once you have their attention you need to hold it with active listening and build a rapport with your client that leads to conversions more indirectly.  

Warm Calling 

Cold calling can still be effective in some ways, but most sellers have moved away from this approach because it’s less efficient and harder to pull off. A bit like banner ads, cold calling is considered a thing of the past, and more companies warm up their clients before sales calls. 

On the other hand, warm calling gets better results more easily. Whether your prospect is someone on your e-mail list, someone who interacts with you on social media, or someone you know in your wider network, they are more likely to engage with you and listen to your pitch. 

Features and Benefits 

One of the most fundamental techniques you need if you’re a salesperson is an understanding of features and benefits. In order to sell a product, your prospects need to know what the product can do and how it can benefit them. This skill is easy to understand and hard to master. 

When you’re in dialogue with a prospect you need to tell them how the product works – they need to know that the electric razor is waterproof, for instance, but they also need to hear about how that feature benefits them; in this case, it saves time in the morning shaving in the shower.     

Deeper Needs 

Features and benefits can take you a long when in the selling industry, but if you really want to make a splash try integrating deeper needs into the conversation. Deeper needs refer to a level underneath benefits, it’s the benefits that affect your life at a deeper level like health concerns. 

Let’s take the electric shaver as an example: one feature of an electric shaver is that it has a rotary head allowing you to dry shave without any nicks or cuts – a benefit. The deeper benefit is it increases your chances of success in your day job thanks to looking and feeling your best.   

Digital Networking

Whether you are selling to individual clients, or multinational businesses, the importance of digital spaces cannot be ignored. Social media networking is excellent for reaching out to potential clients, generating new leads, and building your reputation in the right niche areas.  

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