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What is the Best Software for Marketing?

When you’re ready to grow your business it’s time to think about investing in marketing software, not only does it provide a hub for your marketing efforts, but it also supports your goals with a wide range of features. Choose the best marketing software at the start and you don’t have to worry about losing out on your marketing efforts or productivity. 

Simple Dashboards

Marketing software doesn’t have to be user-friendly, but it makes a big difference if it is. Not only is intuitive software less frustrating to use, but it also increases your productivity because you focus less time and resources on learning the format of the software, and more on marketing.   

If you don’t have any experience with marketing software, it can take some time to learn using the brand’s knowledge base, but that’s not necessary with software like Active Campaign. This brand uses a simplified platform that is familiar to a majority of users and is intuitive to navigate.  

Reasonable Pricing

The best marketing software also needs to be affordable. While most businesses looking to grow have a marketing budget, that doesn’t mean you should overpay for the services you need. Instead, tailor your growth project by looking at the tools you need and value for money. 

Most marketing software has a tiered pricing system that ranges from a free trial version to an Enterprise version, with one or two mid-tier options with a selection of features. If you have a small company – with under 50 employees – you should look to buy software for $9 per month. 

Best Integrations 

Not only do you need a marketing platform to grow your business, you need one that supports the apps and technologies that work for you already. These are called integrations, and the best marketing software provides hundreds or thousands of integrations for you to mix and match.  

The best marketing software might not be the most comprehensive – it doesn’t have to have every capability built into the platform. What it does require is a full range of integrations – apps for spreadsheets, team chats, and analytics – that you can use to support your business growth.   

Best Features 

One of the first things to look at when choosing software for marketing is the features, these are what elevate a software solution and set it apart from the market competition. In general, you are should be looking for a CRM system, email marketing capabilities, and effective analytics. 

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is a central location where you can store customer and prospect information, interact with customers, and learn more about their behaviour on your website. These analytics can be used to support email marketing campaigns.

AI Capabilities

Data is crucial to making the best decisions for your business so it makes sense to collect data from every interaction, but that grows data very quickly and not all of it is relevant. Using machine learning marketing software can make smart decisions for you about useful data, so look out for machine learning features when in the market for the best marketing software. 


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How Good is Smartsuite Software?

Are you searching for project management software, you might have hit the motherload. SmartSuite is the perfect project management solution for startups and SML businesses, it provides an extensive range of features and tools specially designed to build your business. 

What is SmartSuite Software? 

Although SmartSuite is one of many project management software solutions on the market it stands out from the crowd. The reason is that it combines a feature-rich platform with beautiful graphics and a user-friendly interface. It is used for both businesses and freelance individuals. 

The is a lot of open-source SaaS software on the internet, you only need to look at what’s on offer with the Google suite to see that you don’t need to pay anything if you don’t want to, but the trouble with open source software is its de-centralised nature, something SmartSuite solves. 

How can it help my Business? 

Firstly, SmartSuite provides a full range of tools for business management and project management so you don’t have to look anywhere else, you can find exactly what you need on the SmartSuite platform. Then, you can start integrating features and streamline your business.  

Whether you need to automate repetitive tasks that would otherwise absorb the time of your managers or employees, or create beautiful charts for meetings and presentations, SmartSuite has a feature. SmartSuite also has a Power Search so you can always find what you need.   

What are Some of the Features? 


SmartSuite lets you automate repetitive tasks such as scheduling routine appointments, content calendars and e-mail newsletters. Automation frees up time allowing you to grow the business.

These days it’s all about Search, but that doesn’t only apply to the major search engines, in fact, running a business requires an in-house search facility as well. Power Search is this service. 


Digital workplaces have exploded in recent years meaning that more and more business conversations are happening online through digital channels, SmartSuite facilitates this.

Is SmartSuite Good for Project Management? 

The short answer is yes, SmartSuite is excellent for centralising your project and keeping everyone informed at the right times. There’s nothing SmartSuite can’t do for your project, and with dozens of features, you are destined to streamline your business and improve productivity. 

Whether you run a project with a small team or a large-scale business you need some project management software that can connect everyone and take the pressure of the managers and coordinators. Why persist with free software that is dislocated and harder to streamline? 

Where can I buy SmartSuite? 

SmartSuite is a Software as a Service solution, or SaaS, meaning you pay a monthly subscription to access the platform and can start using it right away. Visit the website to buy SmartSuite Software, or sign up for a free trial to check its suitability for your business. 

If you decide to invest in SmartSuite software you will be pleasantly surprised by the price. Although SmartSuite provides a full range of project management tools to suit any business it competes with free open-source software meaning that you can also grab a bargainl.