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How Can I Improve My Amazon Sales?

Are you thinking of starting an e-commerce store as a full-time or part-time home business? Or maybe you already have one set up but you want to sell more of your products. Either way, you’re in the right place. You can improve your Amazon sales by following the five tips below.   

Keyword Research 

Along with Google and YouTube, Amazon is now one of the heavyweight search engines on the internet, which means keyword research is just as important for your e-commerce store as it is for your search engine result listing. But often, search engines responded to different keywords.   

On Amazon, it’s pretty easy to identify suitable keywords for your product listing, all you have to do is use the search bar’s “auto-complete” function to find keywords that Amazon associates with relevant searches. Type in your primary keyword plus a letter, and use whatever comes up. 

Market Research 

Otherwise known as spying on the competition, this type of market research is valuable to your business and fair game in any competitive marketplace. Whatever niche you work in chances are companies listing higher than you on the Amazon SERPs – so what are they doing right? 

Take a look at the listing competition for specific keywords to see what is ranking, in particular, look out for the Title, Description, and Bullet Points used on the listing. Of course, you don’t have to copy the competition verbatim, but it gives you some data on what keywords rank well.   

Content Marketing 

Content marketing on Amazon is just as important as on your website or e-commerce store. As with SEO efforts for your website or store, you need to find a balance between relevant keywords and readability, you want customers to find your item and get the right info quickly. 

Start by writing a catchy title, something that describes the product but also stand-out on the search results page. Follow this up with some fast facts about the product before moving on to bullet points and further information. Like any search engine, keyword stuffing is ineffective.   

Quality Listings 

When it comes to selling on Amazon you need to stand out and make your listing unique, this is especially the case if you’re in a niche that is highly competitive. Of course, you need to get your SEO as tight as possible, but your sales efforts are equally important – you need quality listings.

A quality product listing includes a catchy title and bullet points with relevant keywords, additionally, you need unique photos that demonstrate the features and benefits of the product. Stock images might be too vague for customers; it helps to create more unique product images.    

Automatic Repricing 

Automated pricing uses software to adjust prices in line with your competitors and market prices, in the open market, companies can use software to adjust prices and stay competitive without any labour, but Amazon has its own auto-pricing option, find it in your seller’s account and switch it on to automatically adjust your Amazon prices based on niche market conditions.