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How do you Create an E-mail Marketing Campaign?

It’s possible to run an online business without an email marketing wing, but eventually, you will have to organise a suitable customer list and interact with them through email. There are many channels these days but email is still one of the best ways to run your email marketing campaigns. This article gives you a brief overview of how to get started with your contacts.  

Choose a Provider

Social media can be useful for brand visibility and promotion but when it comes to interacting with your customers and updating them in a reliable way, these channels are not the most effective, what you need is an email marketing channel where you can update your customers. 

The first step to creating an email marketing campaign is to select an email marketing platform like ActiveCampaign. Unlike Gmail, ActiveCampaign gives you the tools and regulations you need to create a contacts list and set up an email marketing campaign from a central location.  

Set up an Email List

If you’re already running an online business such as an e-commerce business you probably already have a contacts list of customers, these are people who have bought something from you or signed up to your monthly newsletter. Use these contacts on the ActiveCampaign site. 

After you have signed up for ActiveCampaign you can easily find the dashboard that has everything you need to set up an email marketing campaign. Start by selecting the Contacts tab and migrating your existing contacts list to the platform, ActiveCampaign can help you with this. 

Format the Emails

The internet has changed our lives in many ways, but it has also changed our psychology, for one thing, it has shortened our attention spans. Unless we are captivated by some content in the first few seconds, chances are we will move on to something that is more or less interesting. 

As a marketing professional, it’s your task to capture your audience’s attention right away and deliver your message. If ‘someone is signed up to your e-mail list they will expect some content from you so it makes things easier. Make sure you have catchy headlines and relevant content.  

Personalise the Emails

As with most things on the internet these days, the emails in your email marketing campaigns need to be personalised, that’s because most marketing campaigns are targeted at your valued customers and make a stronger impression. They also contribute to customer retention. 

When a customer feels like they are part of the company brand they begin to form a relationship with your brand or product. All you have to do as an online business is cultivate this relationship through personalised content and services to build strong relationships with lasting customers.   

Be Conversational

Part of the personalisation process of an email marketing campaign is the way you correspond with your customers. Try to use non-technical language and be friendly, focusing on the benefits that your products and service bring to customers especially when it comes to promotions. When writing emails keep a single target customer in mind and write the content for them only.